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How To Get One Way Links

Backlinks that work need to possess several very important characteristics. Without them they just can’t function correctly or provide the benefit you want to see.

We create high quality, relevant backlinks that pass targeted relevant link category score to your pages.

Not all backlinks are created equal. There are not very many SEO companies that have the detailed level of knowledge that we have or that have put as much effort and investment into testing and measuring backlink effectiveness.

How Many One way Links Will You Need?

This depends on several factors; what you want to achieve, how many pages / products you want to promote & how aggressive your competitors have already been with their link building.

Generally speaking, once a site reaches the top of Google for competitive keywords they drop back to a ‘maintenance’ mode, reducing their SEO activity to maintain their rankings.

We analyse your keywords, identify the ones that are achievabl and that will convert for you. Next, we analyse your competitors (the sites that are already ranking for those keywords) & set out a strategy to first catch up with them and then to overtake them and take their traffic.

In essence, you need more, high quality, perfectly crafted backlinks than your competitors although in many cases we achieve top rankings for our clients without the need for as many links as them.

To provide you with a strategy we first need to analyse your site. Please get in touch and give us; your Domain name, your preferred keywords and any competitors that you are aware of.