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Buy Backlinks

Like it or loath it, backlinks make online search work, Backlinks are the largest single influencer determining your websites trust and authority which in turn dictates where you rank and how much traffic you receive. Have you ever wondered why the largest, well established household businesses rank at the top of search most often? It all comes down to how much Google trust and value them & that trust comes from the value of the sites that link to them. This is why you need to buy backlinks.

You can always gather free backlinks but in the vast majority of instances, free backlinks come from lower quality sites and pages, directories, social media etc.

Free backlinks pass very little authority and trust to your site, so it doesn’t really matter how many you get, they just don’t have the power to influence your search rankings.

To improve your rankings, you need to buy backlinks that pass ‘relevant’ trust score to your website. It’s not just enough to find a site that is relevant to your niche however. In many instances, that site or page will itself have non relevant category backlinks meaning that it will pass non relevant trust to your site.

For backlinks to work properly, you need a link not only from relevant content, but also that pass relevant link category to you.

Each page of each website acquires its relevance category from the links that point to it. This means that whatever the bulk of the link category that points to a page, the page will take on that category and pass it on.

This is how Google assign relevance and trust.

Trust Score

You can have a great trust score of say, 40 / 100 (which for a non household name business is pretty good) but if your niche is Construction and the bulk of your link pass ‘Health / Psychology’ category then you won’t get the benefit that you will get from targeted category links that pass ‘Business / Construction’ category to your site pages.

Many SEO companies either don’t care about lick category, don’t understand it or don’t have access to targeted links with suitable category so don’t bother discussing it.

Buying Backlinks

If you look around you will find hundreds of people selling pointless low value backlink packages that don’t work. You don’t have to look far to find 400+ backlinks for £20 and often more. Some sell packages of thousands of backlinks in tiers, all supposedly supporting each other so you see some benefit.

These packages are all pointless, and a waste of your time and money. In the long term they will actually do you harm as you will reach the point in time when you realise they don’t work and ask a real SEO consultant to sort your backlink profile out for you.

When that happens, he (or she) will need to clean up your backlink profile by getting all of those links disavowed, which takes time, so you will end up paying more to remove those links than you ever paid for them in the first place!

For a backlink to be able to pass good trust score to you it needs to possess several very important attributes.

Good Backlinks

Each backlink needs to have backlinks of its own, otherwise it is an orphan. When someone offers to publish content for you on a site with lots of good DA (Domain Authority), you might think you are onto a winner, but, zero domain score is passed to an orphan page, so your lovely new article will have no authority.

A good SEO will create a link into your new article so that the new page can inherit some trust score to pass on to you. The downside to this is that a page will only inherit 60% of the score of the link that points to it. This is the same for all backlink, organic or paid.

Google don’t like paid backlinks, but unfortunately for them, if you rely on organic links to develop over time naturally, the chances of you ever inheriting the correct trust score from valuable websites is next to nil.

Google reward relevance. Their algorithym favours large multinationals that already have high levels of trust and authority. They recommend those multinationals because they know that those high street brands are ‘safe’ trustworthy businesses that will deliver what they promise and look after their customers. Your challenge is to convince Google that your business will do the same. Once you have done that, you will rank alongside those mega companies.

In conjunction with providing social proof (online reviews and testimonials) your backlink profile will send the important ranking signals that your business needs to succeed online.

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