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Google search results are powered by one way links. Backlinks from within relevant, good quality content, on websites that pass relevant ‘relevant’ trust and authority scores. We are UK link building experts, who specialist in developing the backlink profile of our clients to give them more exposure to new clients online.

Each link that points to a page of your website either assists or negatively affects your Google rankings.

Google uses relevance to determine the order that it displays search results.

It doesn’t matter how good your backlinks are however, if your content isn’t good enough then you still won’t rank well.

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Before one way backlinks can help search rankings, a site needs to tick all of the on-page boxes necessary to be healthy enough to rank.

The core on page requirements include:

  • Load Page Speed
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Content Quality
  • Site Structure
  • Keyword Density
  • User Engagement Metrics

In short, your site needs to be mobile friendly (Google uses the mobile version to rank sites). It also needs to load faster than your competitors (on a mobile 3g connection). It then needs to contain useful, unique, quality content that your visitors ‘engage’ with. If your pages of content are optimized (not over optimised) with keywords in the right density in all of the important key indicators, then, and only then will you appear somewhere in the organic search results.

Backlink Building

To improve your rankings you then need two things: high quality backlinks and reviews and testimonials. These both contribute “social proof” that Google needs because it is attempting to measure the company behind the website, not just the website on its own.

This is one of the main reasons that shops that you know already generally rank quite well…. Google trusts them to deliver on what their website promises.

The challenge facing the many thousands of businesses both large and small that are not well known national or international brands is to build high quality one way links that pass enough relevant trust and authority to let you compete.

There are two fundamental challenges to creating backlinks that work;

  1. Knowing what attributes each link needs in order to increase your search rankings
  2. Finding suitable one way linking opportunities that will let you add your backlink

What Attributes Make a Backlink Powerful?

Britain’s leading link building experts

While it might be natural to think that any old link will help in some way large or small to improve your rankings, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Bad backlinks have the power to damage your rankings, so it is critical that you ONLY create Google friendly backlinks. Find out more about all the good SEO practices you should be doing and just as importantly, discover what will get your site banned by Google with SEO Training Course Specialists – seo-trainingcourses.com and make sure that your site is fit to rank.

Google Friendly One Way Links Need To Be;

On a Google Indexed Website

Google only count backlinks from other websites that are in its index. Google doesn’t index and rank every website published, or every page of indexed sites. Instead, it filters out low quality websites from it index and doesn’t even both listing them.

Search Google for your domain name. If it isn’t listed then your site isn’t indexed. There are steps you can take if your site has never been found by Google, but if search engines have taken the step of removing your site from its results then you have a bigger challenge getting re-indexed.

Contextual Links from within Content

Links on a page can appear in different places. Some work better than others and are valued higher than others. Contextual links such as you see on every Wikipedia page, from within highly relevant content are the best.

Links in sidebars, footers, or not surreounded by relevant text are far less effective for SEO.

On Relevant Content Page

For a link to benefit a page about plumbing, it needs to be from a page about plumbing. For example, you want to promote a page selling xyz boilers, get a link from a page about xyz boilers, or about boilers that naturally links from that content to your xyz boilers page.

However, not all pages that look to be about a specific subject actually pass the right link category score….

On a Page Passing Relevant Link Category

Link category is not well understood. Every page inherits a link category based on the dominant link category. This means that a page of highly relevant content might pass irrelevant link category which is less than ideal as it diminishes the power and authority of the link.

For optimum rankings you need a relevant content page that also passes relevant link category to your page, with as powerful a score as possible.

A page only passes 60% of its authority score to the sites in links to (and only the first 100 links on a page do this).

On Different Class C IP Addresses

Each server that hosts websites uses a different code IP address. Within that server, sections of it are rented to web designers, developers etc. Each web designer can host many websites on the same server, each of which then has a different Class D IP address (,, etc) for all the sites owned / controlled by one company or person, the first 3 parts of the IP addresses remains the same 221.24.232…. only the Class D part changes for each domain.

Quite often, developers use the same server to create linking networks as it is the cheapest way of hosting many sites. Google can see that all the sites are hosted on the same machine and discount and devalue links from multiple Class C IPs.

On Non Orphan Pages

An orphan page is a page that itself doesn’t have any backlinks pointing at it. Many directory sites create a page for your listing and even though the site itself might have quite good linking credentials, your listing page will have next to zero power and authority because it has no links pointing at it.

Interestingly, in many instances, just one or two high quality links from other sites pointing at your directory listing page can transform that page into a very powerful page passing 60% of the high authority score from the directory home page.

Manipulating and unlocking existing orphan pages can often have a dramatic impact on rankings.

Natural Varied Link Text

Anchor text is a very sensitive area of SEO. Too aggressive and you will be penalised, not aggressive enough and your backlinks will lack the ‘natural’ relevance needed to impact your rankings.

A Natural Mix of Authority Scores

While it is normally just a few high powered backlinks that trigger rankings improvements, you still need a spread of links with different levels of authority. While it is tempting to focus on a few high powered backlinks, this is not the path to consistent high rankings.

Natural Blend of Brand & URL Link Text

Natural link profiles are dominated by Brand and URL backlinks, especially into your home page. Over optimisation is quite easy to achieve and very difficult to undo. It is only natural that a website will have a dominant profile of Brand and URL backlink anchor text.

Deep Linking Ratio

Deep linking means linking to the content pages of your site, rather than just the home page. This is why all those one page websites don’t ever work very well in search.

Your website should have a specific page about each different service, product, etc. Each of those pages should then have its own backlinks, targeted at the specific page content (within naturalisation boundaries).

Longtail Backlinks

Everyone wants to rank for short, high traffic search terms, “Car Insurance”, “Car Loans”, “Dog Beds” etc. However, if you focus on ranking for these terms and structure your anchor text around them, you will over optimise your SEO strategy.

Longtail anchor text such as “Low Cost New Driver Car Insurance”, “Affordable BMW Car Loans”, “Luxury Rip Proof Dog Beds” that includes your target keyword, search term or phrase will benefit your page while avoiding over optimisation penalties.

Image Links

It is natural to have image links pointing to your content. The image alt text acts as the anchor text.

Avoid Bad Neighbourhoods and Link Networks

If you have backlinks that originate on known link networks then they will do more harm than good to your rankings.

Bad neighbourhoods are for example, sites that have been removed from Googles index. If you have too many of these then the value of the other sites that link to you goes down and so do your rankings.

The same applies to paid backlinks.

Technically, if you pay an SEO Consultant to create a totally natural link for you, that it is a paid backlink. But, it is very difficult, if not impossible for Google to establish that it is a paid link.

Some sites that sell links are still covered with adverts trying to sell more links. It is quite clear that any links on the site have been paid for….. and will subsequently been penalised.

Natural No-Follow Ratio

Towards the end of 2019 No Follow under went an update that saw the introduction of  UGC – User Generated Content & Paid Content designations to more accurately identify different types of backlinks.

WordPress for example automatically tags blog post comments with the UGC nofollow tag so that Google know that they are created as user generated content, rather than being created by the website owner.

One Way Links

There are two types of backlinks, one way links and reciprocal links. Reciprocal backlinks exist whereby you agree to link to a site if they agree to link back to you. Back in 2004 this strategy worked for building links that had an impact on rankings, but they have had little or no benefit since then.

Reciprocal links look like you have struck a deal for a link by returning the favour.

If you do come across reciprocal linking opportunities on sites that are relevant and would otherwise pass good trust score, make sure to never use exact match anchor text for your primary keywords. Instead, use a longer tail keyword phrase and include your brand or URL in the link text. This will create safe, optimised link text.

One way links on the other hand have no such arrangement. Another site links to you and you don’t link back.

Many SEO companies get around this by offering someone a backlink from one site if they agree to link to a different site. This is obviously fraught with issues as you still need relevance rules to apply.

This is half of the problem that many SEO companies face. Unless they have control over a massive volume of websites, all of which pass good authority scores and link categories, they struggle to manage an effective backlink strategy. To get a benefit for one site, they need to give a high quality link from an unrelated site.

The Power of Backlinks

One way backlinks, built properly, designed to perform will have a massive impact on your search engine rankings. The problem is the majority of SEO companies struggle to create enough, relevant high powered links that are required.

Many talk the talk, but surprisingly few can walk the walk.

We are link building experts.

Specialists that have spent years disecting Google algorithm, split testing thousands of different SEO strategies, on-page and off-page elements to refine or one way links into the rank driving machines they are today.

We work across many different business sectors…. delivering high Google rankings for hundreds of clients who are all benefiting from highly focussed one way backlinks.

There are 15 key ingredients that will either make or break the efficiency of your linking campaign. Any shortcomings in any of these 15 areas will severely compromise your website performance.

We build links that work, that tick every box & satisfy all of Googles requirements.

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