How To Make Google Search Bot Happy

We build Google friendly Backlinks that are as powerful as they can be to aid your Google search rankings.

For a backlink to work for you it needs the following characteristics:

  1. Present on Google Indexed Website
  2. Topic & Theme Related (category specific links)
  3. On a unique link, class C IP address to your other backlinks
  4. Contextual link placement
  5. On a Non Orphan page
  6. Variety of ‘natural’ link text
  7. Natural Google Trust Score spread
  8. Natural Brand/URL backlinks ratio
  9. Deep Linking strategy
  10. Long-tail Back Linking
  11. Image Links
  12. No Link Networks / Bad Neighbourhoods
  13. Natural ‘No Follow’ ratio
  14. One Way (they link to you, you don’t link back)

To summarise, your link needs to be on a page that Google has included in its index already (ergo not in link network or bad neighbourhood), from within relevant text content (contextual), on a category specific page. It needs to be on a different server to other links pointing to your site (different Class C IP), and on a page that has backlinks itself (non orphan page).

Your links should collectively have a ‘natural’ spread of mixed anchor texts including: Brand name, URL, broad keyword match, image links, nofollow links, keyword / brand combo’s and a very few exact match anchors when you have enough variety to permit them. You should also spread your links across a variety of pages (although your home page should have the most to retain a natural balance).