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Finding high quality backlinks is one of the biggest single challenges that any business owner faces. In the main, the only free backlinks you are likely to find will be lower quality, directories, forums or social media links that won’t have much impact on your Google SERPs.

The dream is to get free website backlinks for your site. Backlinks that will pass trust and authority to your site pages. Only the best SEO link will do this for you, and finding the best free back-links can be an uphill struggle.

We aim to solve the finding quality back-links problem for you. For a limited time we are offering a free high authority backlink that will pass ‘Business’ category trust score to your page, with a Page Authority (PA) score of 40+ which is an equivalent of 20+ Trust Flow (TF) score.

Most link builders shout about Domain Authority (DA) as the be all and end all of link building, but Domain Authority is a red herring.

Domain authority isn’t passed to your website page (unless your link is on their home page). Page Authority (PA) is the score that is actually passed to your site (60% of it will anyway), but only if the page with your link has backlinks of its own.

If the link page is a newly created page, (even if its on a very high authority website) and it has no backlinks (is an ‘orphan’ page) … and will have almost zero benefit for your site.

Most free back-link building sites & tools offer very low quality links… ours are different…. ours are high quality links.

Search & Find Backlinks Free

You can spend hours and search the internet to find backlinks free, but it is a long and laborious task. We offer a free SEO backlink that meets all 14 of the critical criteria that a backlink needs to maximise the ranking benefit for Google.

If you want the best free site backlinks, look no further. If you are wondering how to get free links to your site, we can help. You can create backlinks free with our easy submission form.

We will review your submission and if your site is eligible and meets our link quality rules, then we will create a high authority backlink for you completely free.

No catches, no gimmicks.

The link we create will remain live for at least 12 months from when it goes live.

We reserve the right not to accept your submission as we don’t want to reduce the quality of the link pages we find by linking out to bad neighbourhoods or sites that may compromise the integrity of our efforts.

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