Backlink Building

05Jul 2020
1x single backlink offer

Free Backlinks Finding high quality backlinks is one of the biggest single challenges that any business owner faces. In the main, the only free backlinks you are likely to find will be lower quality, directories, forums or social media links that won’t have much impact on your Google SERPs. The dream is to get free […]

19Jun 2020

Most Backlinks Don’t Work We Build Powerful Backlinks That Drive Search Rankings The sad truth about search engine optimisation is that without good quality backlinks you will never achieve any decent rankings for any search term approaching reasonable traffic volumes. There are thousands of online providers of backlink building and selling services… but most of […]

05Jul 2019

How Long Before Links Start To Help Google Rankings? We have conducted extensive testing on how quickly do backlinks start working & across over 50 different tests from 50 different class C IPs, the average time required for a new link to start to influence Google rankings was 8 – 12 weeks. There are several […]

19Jun 2019

Speed For Adding Backlinks This all depends on your current situation. You can’t add lots of links all at once. We have to drip feed the backlinks as if the sites that will link to you find you over a period of time and link to you as a reference to supplement their own content. […]

07May 2019

How To Make Google Search Bot Happy We build Google friendly Backlinks that are as powerful as they can be to aid your Google search rankings. For a backlink to work for you it needs the following characteristics: Present on Google Indexed Website Topic & Theme Related (category specific links) On a unique link, class […]

10Apr 2019

Manual Link Building We hand build each backlink using only UK based, first language English speaking operatives so that we can maintain the necessary quality of text content that is required. Thankfully we only have to write well enough to satisfy American English, which makes the task a little easier! Any automated link building program […]

03Mar 2019

Link Profile Volume This is a great question which depends on several factors. First you must have a list of target keywords. See How To Identify Quality Keywords to Target for a complete guide on finding suitable search terms to target. Let’s assume that you have your list of keywords. To find out how competitive […]